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  1. May I put my firebat in your bunker?

  2. Thinking about you makes me warp in a pylon

  3. Lets go back to my hatchery and we'll see what evolves

  4. They call me The Overlord because when I'm done you'll be saying "Oh please don't let it be over, lord"

  5. Is that a Yamato cannon in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me

  6. Want to spawn some broodlings, my queen

  7. Think you can handle my greater spire?

  8. Want to see my wraith, chicks love the wraith.

  9. They call me the Shield Battery because I recharge in an instant

  10. I don't like to rush

Thanks to Tendury Fury's Suicidal Tendencies - Jokes - PickupLines